Mikono Expo Group is a sister company of Mikono Speakers International. Mikono Speakers started to operate in Tanzania and expanded to at least 5 other African Countries in the year of 2010. In 2012 it became part of Excel Management and Outsourcing Limited. Mikono Expo Group began to officially operate in 2013 with export-oriented International Trade Exhibitions in Africa. Since then, Mikono Expo Group has successfully organized more than 14 Trade Exhibitions in different countries including;-.Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa.
Today, Mikono Expo Group is one of the Exhibition leaders in Southern Africa mainly in the following Trade Expo and Conferences.



World sales conference 2017

The World Sales Conference by Victor Antonio is a unique event that seeks to help East African citizens and others nationality professional and businesspersons develop the quality selling attributes that are essential for career and organisational success.

In today’s society, new business challenges spring up almost overnight, competition is fierce and experienced salespersons are in short supply. Capturing the market is at the heart of business growth and survival.


East Africa Sign Expo

AFRICA SIGN EXPO is the African’s largest trade show utterly committed to showcasing innovative and creative digital display and sharing technology solutions for Signage companies, Outdoor and Indoor advertising companies, led TV screening advertising companies, digital printing companies. The event bring together companies and stakeholders engaged in digital services which are revolutionizing communications across East Africa and around the world is the eventwhere you can see it all and experience it up close and personal.



East Africa Print and Publish Expo is an event which bring together exhibitors include not only the most important suppliers to the printing and publishing industry but also newcomers and startups.

There will list of companies that will be presenting innovative solutions and products that help boost revenue and streamline publishing workflows.


East Africa Cars Expo 2017

East Africa Car Expo is an event which brings together automotive industry representatives, dealers, auto journalists, auto garages and car Enthusiasts. Different automotive company representatives and car dealers will show case their products from trucks to luxurious family cars. This will give the visitors a chance to get first hand information on different cars without the pressure of buying them.


East Africa ICT Expo

is an event which brings together ICT exhibitors include not only the most important suppliers to the ICT industry but also newcomers and startups. There will be list of ICT companies that will be presenting innovative technological solutions. The exhibition will be open for two days, with plenty of time to arrange important meetings as well as the network opportunities which will naturally arise from the concentration of potential visitors at one time.



is the forecasted to be the leading event in the business expansion and development in East African and in other sub-Saharan countries where by matured, growing and start business owners are connected and have networking. Mikono will host the event in the commercial city of Tanzania, Dar e salaam meanwhile exhibitors will be invited from different part of the world and ensure that there are mutual benefits between parties.



East Africa International Radio, TV, film, equipment and advertising agencies expo is designed to mobilize and connect companies, stakeholders and other professionals to share, learn and exhibit advanced technologies in the media and advertisement industry. The event will have at least 40 exhibitors and 2000 potential visitors.

African American businesswoman at work on laptop and cell phone with toddler son on lap.

Working mother conference and Expo

Mikono Expo Group introduces a new chapter of opportunity, possibility and conversation for women across different organizations who have a dedicated interest, passion and responsibility for making good companies a better place to work – the focus will be discussion and dialogues on how women should manage challenges, opportunities and options available in the ongoing changing world of work that today spans borders, cultures, time zones, and physical space?


Dar Construction and Trade Expo

The  construction  industry  is  a  sector  of  the economy  that transforms various resources into constructed physical economic and  social  infrastructure  necessary  for  socio-economic development.   It  embraces  the  process  by  which  the  said physical  infrastructure  are  planned,  designed,  procured, constructed  or  produced,  altered, repaired,  maintained and demolished.


East Africa smart building summit 2017

The total Population in the East African Region is over 150 Million and the annual growth remain to be high. What is the implication of this high population growth?  The land becomes more scarcity and the demands for buildings which are used for both residential and commercial purpose will keep on increasing.


World embassy Festival expo 2017

The Embassy Festival shows a beautiful compilation of international culture that can be seen, heard and tasted in East Africa. The Embassy Festival spotlights the many different cultures residing in the East African Region through an internationally appealing one-day programme. There will be outdoor stages, numerous pavilions, a creative arena and a kids section bring the East African Countries and the rest of the world together in an international festival spotlighting cultural and culinary expressions that span the globe.


EAC Tourism & Hospitality Conference and trade EXPO

The Tanzanian tourism offer counts with one of the richest wildlife, 6 world heritage sites and exotic beaches in the world. Tanzania’s wildlife resources are considered among the finest in the world and include the Serengeti plains which hosts the largest terrestrial mammal migration in the world, the Ngorongoro Crater, the world’s largest intact volcanic caldera and home to the highest density of big game in Africa, and Africa’s highest mountain Kilimanjaro. EAC Tourism & Hospitality Conference and trade EXPO will be a platform which connect all stakeholders for each to capitalize the opportunity for their own utilities.


EAC Africa Food and Drinks Expo 2017

“Food is the heaven of Human Being” Chines say. EAC is blessed with varieties of food and drinks which include both traditional and processed ones. EAC Africa Food and drinks expo 2017 intend to promote African (made in Africa especially in EA) food and drinks in the region which has over 150 million population. East Africa Food and drinks expo 2017 will be platform which will bring together both consumers/buyers and suppliers/sellers.



Financial services industry is a consistently changing and so are the professionals within it. The East Africa Financial Services Expo 2017 has been designed to be a modern day event for the financial players in East African countries. Headed by the leading event organizer Deogratius Kilawe C.E.O of Excel Group Africa/MIKONO EXPO GROUP. EA-FSE 2017 will deliver a market leading Forex agency, banking, insurance,Money gateway solution provider, social security funds and over 60 industry exhibitors across the 2 days event.

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