To ensure that we stay on course and achieve our goals, we have invited a number of reputable individuals to join our board of directors. The new board of directors includes professionals who have been involved with Mikono Speakers and understand the company vision. The members of the Board of Directors are as follows;

  • Prof. Honest Prosper Ngowi
    Prof. Honest Prosper Ngowi Chairman
    BETTY KWOKO Deputy Chairwoman
  • Anabahati Kilawe
    Anabahati Kilawe Secretary
  • Adebowale Atobatele
    Adebowale Atobatele Board Member
  • Murthy Venkateswaran
    Murthy Venkateswaran Board Member
  • James Rhombo
    James Rhombo Board Member 2nd degree connection
  • Samwel Ndandala
    Samwel Ndandala Board Member
  • Deogratius Kilawe
    Deogratius Kilawe Board Member
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