28th - 30th Jan 2019

Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre (JNICC)

Tanzania Financial Services & Expo 2018

Tanzania Financial Services & Expo 2018

The Financial services industry is a consistently changing and so is the professional within it which has evolved greatly compared to the past few decades where there was no cloud adoption, data center and it was heavily regulated. The Tanzania Financial Services Expo 2018 has been designed to be a modern day event for the financial players in Tanzania and East African countries bringing together market leading banks, insurance providers, Fintech firms, social security funds, Micro finance firm, venture capital firms and all stake holders of the industry as well as over 150 industry exhibitors across the 3 days event. This will be the largest body of intermediary delegates in 2018 after implanting successfully similar event in Tanzania in 2016 and 2017. TFSE makes the most of unique ‘zones’ for exhibitors to cover a broad range of markets including but not limited to; Mortgages, Insurance, Commercial Lending, Protection, Alternative Lending, Legal, Distribution and Technology.

For those individuals new to the industry the TFSE 2 will take place alongside with other show ‘’ Small Business and Franchise Expo 2018’’ and booths filled with both financial services companies Zone and Small business franchise Zone sharing their products and services in an exhibition hall designed to support B2B and B2C opportunities. For financial services professionals there will be continuing education classes and several panel discussions with executives from the financial services industry discussing critical and relevant topics effecting financial services professionals and businesses. Additionally, the Expo includes several networking events to help professionals expand their contacts.

Why should you visit?

The purpose of TFSE is to provide niche service For stakeholders in financial sector who all recognize its supporting role in a better-connected, better-informed industry. Our event will be designed not just to help our clients to do business but it is also designed to help them to do better business, creating more informed intermediaries, more networking opportunities and more chances to share their products or services with their customers We keep striving for bigger and better ways to show what we can do, we keep delivering unmissable events, and we keep delivering undeniably impressive results. TFSE 2018 takes a wealth of industry knowledge and brings a market leading lineup of high street lenders and a huge range of industry exhibitors under one roof. The program will have six expos (events), which includes:

  • Tanzania Mortgages business expo 2018
  • Tanzania Insurance Expo 2018
  • Social security fund expo 2018
  • Tanzania Lenders Expo 2018
  • Payment Solutions Expo 2018
  • MSI Africa Venture capital expo 2018

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Booking for the events

For booking and all enquiries here are the contacts:
Authorized person Deogratius Kilawe, Director
Contacts Details Email: sales@mikonospeakers.com
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